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Rosewood Bushcraft Knife Rosewood haft Swedish Fire steel - Arthur Wright 701

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Arthur Wright 701 Roewood A sturdy outdoor survival knife hand made in Sheffield from 01 Carbon Tool Steel. Hardened to Rockwell 56/58, the edge is ground through rather than whetted to achieve a superbly sharp edge. Rosewood haft and lanyard hole. Overall length 22cms (c8.5ins), supplied with high quality leather sheath and Swedish Fire Steel. The blade is 4.5mms thick providing excellent strength, weight and balance. The knife weighs approx. 240gms (c 7.5 ounces).

The Fire Steel (optional) produces sparks of 3000 C when struck with the back of the knife. Good for 12,000 strikes!


Overall Length
Blade Length
Blade Thickness
Blade Steel
Rockwell Hardness
8 inches
41/2 inches
tip to handle
1/8 inch
01 Carbon steel
56 - 58



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